Announcing Featured Images for Posts

Posted by Jake Lumetta on June 28, 2015

Butter Updates

You can now add a "featured image" to a blog post. This is a great way to improve the visuals of your blog! 

Featured Image Uses

For example you could display this featured image in the post list view on your blog home page:


You could also display this featured image in the post view itself or even use it as a background image for your post. For example:


How to use featured images

When writing a blog post, you can upload a featured image by clicking on "Edit Categories and featured image" link at the top of the editor.

Feature Image.JPG

Once you've set your featured image, you will now see it come back under the "featured_image" attribute in the response from the Butter API. If set, it will be the URL to the image, which we of course serve up for you via our CDN.


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