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Announcing Roles and Permissions

Posted by Jake Lumetta on May 17, 2016

Today we're excited to announce roles and permissions as well as better team management features. Many of you with larger teams asked for better control over your content publishing process by enabling internal "Publishers" to have final say over what content goes live.

Roles and Permissions

Now when you go to your team page, you'll see a more robust table enabling you to fine tune permissions of every team member.

Manage your team's editoral permissions


In addition to editorial control, you'll note you also have the ability to determine which members of the team can invite or remove other members.

This new control means you can very easily invite a 3rd party writer to your team on Butter and enable them to draft content for your blog but not be able to publish it live until you (or one of your Publishers) have had a final look and mark it live.

Remove Author and Migrate Posts

Along with this update includes a new feature that allows you to remove team members and indicate which other team member should become the new author for their posts. On the team page shown above, when you click "Remove" you'll be prompted with a dialog that looks like this:


We hope that you enjoy these new capabilities and that they make working with larger teams a much richer experience! As always, we'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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