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CMS Helper Text and new Field Types

Posted by Roger Jin on November 30, 2016

Today we're excited to announce some new CMS enhancements which have both been popular requests from the community.

Helper Text

The first is Helper Text. This is configurable text that acts as a field description when your content editors are making updates. You can configure Helper Text when setting up a new Object or Collection and it works as you'd expect...

The above configuration will result in this content editing experience:

You can image all sorts of uses for this helper text like informing editors about ideal image dimensions or even just providing more context for a particular field when the field label alone isn't quite enough.

Numbers, Integers, and Booleans. Oh My!

We've also added 3 new field types: Numbers, Integers, and Booleans.

Number - a text input which accepts only valid numbers (integers and decimals). Returns a JSON number in the API.
Integer - a text input which accepts only integers. Returns a JSON number in the API.
Boolean - a checkbox input which returns either True or False in the API.

These are a great compliment to our existing set of field types and we're excited to see how you integrate them into your applications.

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