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Posted by Jake Lumetta on October 21, 2015

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Today we released a great enhancement to information returned when viewing a blog post: "previous" and "next" posts. Meaning, when viewing a blog post on your blog, you can now feature and link to other posts to enable users to quickly "flip" through your content. 

This seemingly small enhancement can have a major impact on your blog for several reasons:

  1. Enabling users to quickly access other posts will increase stickiness and time on site of your blog.
  2. Linking to blog posts to one another boosts SEO juice being passed across your blog. This is commonly referred to as "internal linking".
  3. Allowing people to quickly "flip" through your content is a really great user experience.

Here's an example from our blog where we added previous and next links to the bottom of the post page (blog_post.html):


In this example, we're simply utilizing the post slug and creating a link but we actually return other information as well, namely "slug", "title" and "featured_image". Below is the exact information returned. Note the "next_post" and "previous_post" attributes.

So you could very easily use the "next post" title and turn that into a link. You could also use the featured_image as a small thumbnail preview for the post. 

The combination of "slug", "title" and "featured_image" will allow you to get really creative in how you display these links. We can't wait to see how you use it!

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Jake Lumetta

Jake is the CEO of ButterCMS. He loves whipping up Butter puns and building tools that make developers' lives better.

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