Media Library Now Accepts More File Types

Posted by Jake Lumetta on April 9, 2019

Butter Updates

Hope you had a great March! I wanted to quickly update you on what we worked on last month and what you can now do with ButterCMS.

Give your Marketers a CMS they'll love. Best part? No WordPress.

Media Library now Accepts More File Types

One big update we made was to our media library. Now our media library accepts more file types which means you can now upload things like Word docs, Powerpoint presentations, Excel, PDFs, audio files and even zip files. 

For example, you can now upload a zip file that contains assets you'd like your customers to download. You can see that it shows up as a generic file type, but as soon as you upload it onto Butter, its available in your media library. We put it onto our CDN so it makes it really fast for your customers to download that asset. 


Let’s say you just had an event and now you want to make your powerpoint slides available for download, now you can upload them right to your marketing site. 

Pages API returns page_type slug along with the Page

The other thing we shipped is on our API side of things, but it enables a really cool use case. Our pages API now returns a page type slug along with the page. 

Let me show you what that means. Here's an API call for one of our pages - we're fetching our easter page using our page slug. Previously this page type attribute did not return. So here's what you can do with that. Basically this allows you to determine which template you can use to render a page if you don't happen to know the page type based on the URL.

In this example below, we have Easter and it belongs to our "Holiday" page type. You'd normally have it as something like  - you could use holiday to determine the page type and easter is the slug.

Give your Marketers a CMS they'll love. Best part? No WordPress.

Let's say you want your URLs to be off of your root domain - previously our API didn't return the page type so you couldn't determine what the page type is, which is important to when you need to decide which page template you'd like to render the page with. Our improved Pages API will now return the page_type along with every page.

So for example might be a “Holiday” Page Type so you’d want to render it using your holiday website template and  might be a Promotional Page Type for a promotion you are running. 


Finally, we've been spending a lot of time working on a major new feature launching in April that will take what you can do with Butter to the next level. We can’t wait to share it with you. Cheers!

Jake Lumetta

Jake is the CEO of ButterCMS. He loves whipping up Butter puns and building tools that make developers' lives better.

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