New CMS: Orderable Properties and Multiple Filters

Posted by Jake Lumetta on November 22, 2016

Butter Updates

Today we're announcing some new functionality for ButterCMS that gives you even more control and capability over your content.

Orderable Collection Properties

Collections are a very powerful feature of our CMS that allow you power all sorts of content scenarios including entire pages of content. Here's an example of the UI we use to create new landing pages:

The order in which those fields appear is important as it helps to logically order things, perhaps with the more important fields at the top or with the fields appearing in the same order as the content appears on the resulting page.   Today we're announcing you have full control over ordering these fields by simply dragging and dropping:


Multiple Collection Filters

Sometimes you want to filter a collection to return only a subset of items. Or in the case of building Pages, just one specific page. To do this you simply add the filter to the Collection API slug.

For example, if you have several landing pages defined in a collection, to retrieve the entire collection you pass in this content api key:


You can filter on any collection property. To retrieve one specific page based on a 'slug' property:


You can also perform multiple filter operations to get multiple entries from the same collection.

/v2/content/?keys=team[name=Elon Musk],team[name=Steve Jobs]
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