November Product Update

Posted by Jake Lumetta on December 11, 2018

Butter Updates

In November we released a revamped Page Header, better support for our Multi-site capability that makes it really easy for you to see which of your Multi-sites you're logged into and the ability to delete Page Types and the associated pages.

Redone Page Header


This is our Page Editing dashboard. The header section displays the title of the page, the URL, the unique slug of the page and of course the publishing controls.  Previously the header had a lot of in-line controls that would pop up in place that was a little distracting so we revamped the display and UX, which means now you can have much longer Page titles that will display nicely. If you click on the Page Title or Slug, it'll pop up this modal below that gives you control to easily update either of them.


Important to note here that now you can specify a different Slug for the Page from the title. Previously the Page Title and Slug were synonymous and you couldn't really disconnect the two but now you can go into the Slug field separately and make it whatever you want.  This is great for several reasons, the primary reason being SEO, so if you wanted the Page title to be more descriptive for your content editors to make it really easy for them to identify the page, then you can have it be a very descriptive Page title.  Usually, the API Slug coincides with the Page URL of your website so you want to make the API Slug of the Pages is optimized for SEO.


The other thing you'll notice is when you click on the settings button, we make it easier and more clear on how to configure the Page Type for a Page, which is basically changing the fields for the page as well as how to configure the preview URL.  This is what powers the preview capability of Butter pages and this is where you can configure what the base URL of the page is. 

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Delete A Page Type


We also added the ability to delete a Page Type. If you click on the settings button again and go to the Page Type configuration, at the top right is the delete button.  It's pretty straightforward when you click on the delete button it not only deletes the Page Type but also all the Pages associated with that Page Type. 

Multi-Site Display

The last update is an improvement to the Multi-site which basically allows you to manage multiple instances of ButterCMS. The one thing that was tricky was it wasn't obvious which one of your sites you were logged into so now when your site has Multi-site capability enabled, then you'll see which of your sites you're logged into very prominently on the left menu. That makes it really easy for you to determine what content you're updating just to ensure you're not going to accidentally change any production settings or content.  


These are all the changes we've made in November.  Stay tuned for all the setting changes we have coming in December around organizing media and revamped UI for media fields which makes it really easy to view images you upload onto Butter.

Jake Lumetta

Jake is the CEO of ButterCMS. He loves whipping up Butter puns and building tools that make developers' lives better.

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