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Resize images for your blog posts!

Posted by Jake Lumetta on August 16, 2015

Images are an essential component to blog posts. Obvious right? So it's important that you be able to fine tune images so they fit your content and look proportionate. However, sometimes we get incredibly high resolution images (from our phones for example) and we need to scale them down. Or sometimes we find a logo we want to make it larger because we love it so much :)  (see below). Unless you're a wiz with photo editors, this can be a mild pain in the neck to do.

Rejoice! Resizing is a pain in the neck no more!

Let's say we have this good looking photo and we want to make it larger:


Now all you need to do is...


And out pops this big beautifully-resized image!



Thanks once again to you, the Butter community, for this great idea! Keep in the input coming and we'll keep making Butter the best CMS in town.

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