Sitemap.xml, RSS, and ATOM Feeds for Your Blog

Posted by Jake Lumetta on July 20, 2015

Butter Updates

Note: Since the release of these features, we've created a knowledge base article that provides the most up-to-date documentation on how to use this feature. Please click here to learn more: Sitemap and RSS Feeds

We're excited to announce even more baked-in SEO goodness for your Butter blog with the release of sitemaps, rss, and atom feeds! SEO is what Butter excels at and now it's even better. You can leverage your new blog sitemap to maximize search engine crawling + indexation and your new RSS/ATOM feeds to syndicate your content out to your social media profiles and content networks.

Take advantage of these new features by upgrading to the latest buttercms gem or django package.

Let us know what you think!

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Jake Lumetta

Jake is the CEO of ButterCMS. He loves whipping up Butter puns and building tools that make developers' lives better.

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