New Blog Post UI and Ability to Update Collection Items via Write API

Butter Update: Today we're announcing some really great enhancements to our Blog Post UI, the Write API feature, and our Collections Dashboard!

Unpublish Pages, Collection Item IDs, and a New Award!

Big Improvements for Localization Workflow

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New Edit Page UI, Editable Previews, SEO Enhancements & Improved Write API Docs

We had a busy month in February, and I've got some great product updates and backend enhancements to share with you! We've got a brand new Edit Page UI, an editable preview panel, a major blog SEO enhancement, and some new Write API documentation.

New Collections UI, Faster Dashboards & a Next.js Starter Project

Dashboard Enhancements for Blog Posts, Pages, Previews, and Components

Open Source Headless CMS vs ButterCMS: A Comparison

The headless CMS marketers & developers melt over

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