Microservices for Startups

Practical advice for small teams that are building or considering microservices.

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David Strauss
David Strauss CTO, Pantheon Pantheon
Marco Palladino
Marco Palladino CTO, Kong Kong
Russell Smith
Russell Smith CTO, Rainforest QA Rainforest QA
Travis Reeder
Travis Reeder CTO, Iron.io Iron.io
Steven Czerwinski
Steven Czerwinski Head of Eng, Scalyr Scalyr
David Calavera
David Calavera CTO, Netlify Netlify
Khash Sajadi
Khash Sajadi CEO, Cloud 66 Cloud 66
Zachary Crockett
Zachary Crockett CTO, Particle Particle
Wayne Walls
Wayne Walls CTO, Filestack Filestack
Jean-Baptiste Aviat
Jean-Baptiste Aviat CTO, Sqreen Sqreen
Shamasis Bhattacharya
Shamasis Bhattacharya VP Engineering, Postman Postman
Jake Lumetta
Jake Lumetta CEO, ButterCMS ButterCMS
Darby Frey
Darby Frey Lead Engineer, Gamut Gamut
Greg Koberger
Greg Koberger CEO, ReadMe.io ReadME.io
Ben Curtis
Ben Curtis CEO, Honeybadger Honeybadger

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