Unpublishing Blog Posts and Pages

Unpublishing a Blog Post

1. Open the blog post you would like to unpublish and click on the Unpublish button at the top of your screen:

Unpublishing a Page

To unpublish a Page, just click on the ellipsis button (three dots) > Unpublish:


  • If a page has 1 version of published, unpublishing it would result in v1 set to draft.
  • If version 1 of a page is published, and version 2 is draft, unpublishing it causes version 1 to become in "locked" status leaving version 2 as a draft.
  • If version 1 of a page is locked, and version 2 is published, unpublishing it causes version 2 to become draft while version 1 remains locked
  • Pages WITHOUT a published version wouldn't show up in your API calls unless you're passing preview=1, which results in the draft version of the Page content being returned.

Symbols for Versions

draft with pencil.JPG This version is in Draft and will only appear for the current active draft.


Published with checkmark.JPG This is the currently Published version.


Locked with Lock.JPGThis version was a previously Published version and can no longer be modified.  It can however be reverted back to.


Note: Version history helps you to recover content and media that have changed.  If changes are made to the content modeling of a page or collection, i.e. content fields have been added or deleted, only the currently published content fields that have been configured will be available for any version.

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