Looking for an alternative to Medium?

Take full control of your destiny by building a native blog with Butter. Customize your design, lead generation, and increase your websites search engine ranking.

How does Butter compare to Medium?

Butter is an alternative to Medium that lets you quickly build a custom blog that lives on your primary domain name.

1. Your blog will live on your domain

Butter lets your blog live at yourdomain.com/blog (instead of blog.yourdomain.com) which performs up to 40% better in search engines.

We wanted an easy to use interface for our writers and the blog to be hosted on our own site.

Max Blanshard, TutorMapper

2. Go live in minutes

Give Butter a try and if you can't get implemented in 10 minutes we'll send you a Starbucks gift card.

Just wanted to let you know that Butter is awesome. 5 minutes to set it up and write a sample blog post, that was it.

Jeff Judge, Founder of Bright

3. Butter is blazing fast

Don't let API requests for content slow your website. Butter's API has unbeatable performance using the Fastly CDN and our API is designed to make sure you never need to make multiple API calls to render a single page or screen in your website.

Our blog is loading just as fast or faster than it had been on a high-end managed WordpPess provider. Couldn’t be happier.

Luke Brean, Founder at Legally.co

4. Butter is affordable

Butter starts at just $24/mo and doesn't require any hosting or maintenance.

Simple, intuitive, and just works!

Spencer Toth, Marketing at DeadMansSnitch

Try Butter. Your team will thank you.

Our customers

Wordpress was too slow and impacting our business. Butter is more performant and a faster alternative. A no brainer.

Drew Johnson, App Partner

I'm very impressed with ButterCMS and Headless CMS. I'm looking forward to a more accessible web as a result.

Lee Conlin, Distinction

I have to say, your API is incredible! Probably the most powerful and simple to use I've tried.

Kalle Marjokorpi, Innofactor

After several attempts at implementing a blog engine into my app, I found Butter. It’s the best!

Maggie Summers, Sasquatch

Our client's blog using ButterCMS is now live - the whole thing took ~1 hour to launch, just fantastic.

Jonathan Hacker, Arcane Four

Integrating Butter couldn't be easier. Now I finally have a great CMS that I can run right inline with the rest of my code.

Andrew Burleson, BetaBooks

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