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Perfect for adding a fast + SEO-tuned blog to your existing site



Unlimited Users 50 Blog Posts WordPress Migration
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Great for quickly launching a full marketing site for your startup



Unlimited Users 300 Blog Posts 50 Pages Collections
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Small Business

For marketing teams to scale content, product marketing and SEO.



Unlimited Users 600 Blog Posts 100 Pages Localization
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A plan precisely tailored to your needs. Custom content limits.



Solution Engineer Enterprise-class SLA Multiple Environments Write API
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Free Developer Plan: For personal non-commercial usage and trying us out. Just add an attribution link back to us to help share your of Butter.

"Best CMS on the market"

See why Butter is the #1 rated Headless CMS

Wordpress was too slow and impacting our business. Butter is more performant and a faster alternative. A no brainer.

Drew Johnson, App Partner

I'm very impressed with ButterCMS and Headless CMS. I'm looking forward to a more accessible web as a result.

Lee Conlin, Distinction

I have to say, your API is incredible! Probably the most powerful and simple to use I've tried.

Kalle Marjokorpi, Innofactor

After several attempts at implementing a blog engine into my app, I found Butter. It’s the best!

Maggie Summers, Sasquatch

Our client's blog using ButterCMS is now live - the whole thing took ~1 hour to launch, just fantastic.

Jonathan Hacker, Arcane Four

Integrating Butter couldn't be easier. Now I finally have a great CMS that I can run right inline with the rest of my code.

Andrew Burleson, BetaBooks

Do you help with data migration?

Absolutely. Let us know if you're migrating from another CMS, we'll handle it for you.

Isn't WordPress free?

Only if you don't value your time. Check out how Butter compares to WordPress. Boils down to huge savings in dev time, maintenance, we provide professional support.

What is a Page?

A Page is a customizable content model for representing Pages on your website. Often Pages are used for content outside of the blog use case.

Can I use Butter CMS on-premise?

No. We're SaaS. We maintain and host the content dashboard + API platform and you integrate your app with our Content API.

What's your support like?

We offer fast email and in-app live chat. See what our customers have to say about our support.

What's Butter's uptime and status?

You can check the current and past status and uptime figures at our status page.

What is a Collection?

A global piece of content that can be managed by your team. They can be used for content that spans multiple pages (header, footer) or platforms (desktop, mobile). Each content field has unique ID for querying via our API.

Is 50 Blog Posts Total or per Month?

You get 50 blog posts total to start and then as your blog gets more popular and you produce more content, the price goes up. We price based on the total amount of content you're managing with Butter, not the rate at which you create it, so that's why it's based on total counts.

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