Launch CMS faster. Zero maintenance.

Full CMS or Blog engine, Butter pays for itself.

Full CMS

Quickly launch marketing site capability in any tech stack

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Great for startups looking to quickly launch a marketing site



Unlimited Users 10 Page Types 50 Pages Content Fields Webhooks
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Small Business

For marketing teams to scale content, product marketing and SEO.



Unlimited Users 20 Page Types 100 Pages Content Fields Localization
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Agency + Enterprise

A plan precisely tailored to your needs. Custom content limits.


Custom limits Solution Engineer Enterprise-class SLA Client Dashboard
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Blog Engine

Drop-in Butter to your codebase and rapidly create a blog.

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For starting up your content marketing efforts.



Unlimited Users 25 Blog Posts
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Take your content marketing to the next level.



Unlimited Users Unlimited Blog Posts Analytics Webhooks Priority Support
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Agency + Enterprise

A plan precisely tailored to your needs. Custom limits.


Large-scale publications Dedicated Infrastructure Solutions engineer Enterprise-class SLA Client Dashboard
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Do you help with data migration?

Absolutely. Let us know if you're migrating from another CMS, we'll handle it for you.

What is a Content Field?

A global piece of content that can be managed by your team. They can be used for content that spans multiple pages (header, footer) or platforms (desktop, mobile). Each content field has unique ID for querying via our API.

What is a Page?

A Page represents a page on your site. It has a name, url slug, and it belongs to a Page Type. It stores the actual content for a page on your website.

What is a Page Type?

It specifies what content goes into a Page, basically the schema of a Page. You can completely customize it to any type of page on your site. Some examples: SEO Landing Page, Case Study, News Article, Press Release. They represent any page your team wants CMS control over.

What's your support like?

Support emails are answered in one business day and we have 24-hour coverage Mon - Fri. We also offer live chat and phone support.

What's Butter's uptime and status?

Butter systems have over 99.99% monthly uptime figures. You can check the current and past status and uptime figures at our status page.

Is Butter free for personal accounts?

Yes we are! Simply sign up for a free trial, add Butter to your website, and contact our support with a link to your website.

Do you offer Multi-site support?

Yep. We offer a multi-site dashboard that allows you quickly switch between ButterCMS instances.

Isn't open source software free?

Butter saves you thousands of dollars in development time and maintenance work compared to open-source alternatives. Butter is quick to setup, requires zero maintenance, and provides professional support.

See why people love Butter

Butter slides right into our apps and lets us avoid building yet another WordPress site.

Daniel Morrison, Collective Idea

Integrating Butter into our Ruby application took less than an hour, and most of that time was spent on design work.

Luke Brean, Legally

I've tried other API-based CMS’s. I liked their programs, but I got yours up and running the fastest.

Beau O'Hara, Anstar Products

Just wanted to let you know that Butter is awesome. 5 minutes to set it up and write a sample blog post, that was it.

Jeff Judge, Bright

Integrating Butter couldn't be easier. Now I finally have a great CMS that I can run right inline with the rest of my code.

Andrew Burleson, BetaBooks

Butter gave us an easy-to-use interface for our writers and enabled the blog to be hosted on our main domain.

Max Blanshard, TutorMapper

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