ButterCMS Features

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Learn why we're rated easiest-to-use headless CMS by marketers and developers

Rated easiest-to-use headless CMS by marketers and developers
The Content Types Dashboard

Content Types

Easily manage all of your content types from one centralized dashboard.  Butter makes CMS jobs faster with our intuitive content modeling and easy to integrate content API.

The Content Types Dashboard


Build landing pages for ecommerce promotions, paid ad campaigns, or to drive SEO + organic traffic. Just as easily use them to launch a knowledge base and more. Pages are infinitely flexible. 

Pages are infinitely flexible. 


Collections are tables of data that enable even more content scenarios. They can also be combined and referenced by pages to enable easy filtering and categorization of your content. You can schedule collection items to be published in the future, which is valuable when planning and scheduling the release of a new product, promotion, or content campaign! Learn more.

Blog Engine

You've got better things to do than building another blog. Just drop-in our pre-built blog engine and get back to more interesting problems.

You've got better things to do than building another blog

SEO Built-In

Quickly set up your blog on a subdirectory of your website and use the built-in SEO metadata and description to optimize your SEO.

Showng the SEO and metadata panels

Powerful Field Types

Enjoy using our dozens of flexible field types like Components, References, and Repeaters to name a few. These building blocks allow you to generate beautiful content UI’s your marketers will love.

Enjoy using our dozens of flexible field types
Custom Field Validation

Add custom field-level rules and validations

Make the content editing experience even easier by adding helpful rules and guidelines (visual - short text rules)

Custom Field Validation

Split-screen preview

See exactly how your changes will look before they go live using our split-screen and full-screen preview panels. Make changes to your content and instantly see how those changes look below

ButterCMS Preview Pane

Schedule promotions and big content releases

Plan when you want your new content to go live and easily schedule promotions and big content releases with your team.

Scheduling a post to go live with a calendar picker
Revision History

Never lose a change, thanks to revision history

See who changed what and when. Go back in time with one-click rollback.

Revision History

Power web and mobile experiences

One Content API to power all of your content; web, mobile, and everywhere your customers are. Build amazing experiences like search, localized websites and more with our easy to use content API.


Compose dynamic landing pages without a developer

Component Library

Your marketing team's very own component library

Components enable your marketers to compose flexible page layouts. Easily build out your own component library with Hero, Carousels, Cards, Banners, and more. Infinite possibilities.

Drag and drop reordering

Empower marketing to easily reorder entire page layouts with a smooth drag and drop UX.

Drag and drop UX
SEO Component

Customizable SEO + Social Components

Drive organic traffic. Fine tune your SEO and social media meta tags with our customizable components.  Ensure that your content ranks and looks great when shared on social.

SEO Component

Component Conditional Fields

Component Conditional Fields enable content fields within our components to change dynamically based on a user’s checkbox or dropdown selections. This means more power to you: create sophisticated content structures that adapt to your needs without any clutter.

Component Conditional Fields

Digital Asset Management

Stay on-brand with a centralized media library

Media Library

Automatic Image Compression

Our digital asset management can automatically compress all your images using the modern webp format. Automatically reduce image sizes by up to 10x for a faster loading website that delights customers and helps your SEO.

A before and after report showing an original file size of 31.8kb reduced down to 12.4kb.
An html snippet showing the automatic creation of image srcsets.

Mobile Responsive Images

Upload an image once and generate a wide array of responsive images with our Image API

An html snippet showing the automatic creation of image srcsets.

In-App Image Editing

Transform your images, right within the ButterCMS dashboard with a beautiful, modern interface. Crop, resize, apply filters, and more.

Transforming an image in app with the API

Images, Audio, Video, PDF, and More

Simply drag and drop into your Butter media library and we’ll handle the rest.

Image, Audio, Video, More

Image API

One of the most full-featured Image APIs powered by Filestack. Scale, crop, rotate, and transform your media in limitless ways. See an example here.

CMS image API

Team Workflows

Stay in sync and keep content flowing with custom roles, workflows and more

Team Presence

Team presence notifies when your team member is also viewing the same content in ButterCMS as you. Avoid lost work and stay in sync with team members easier than ever.

Content Approval Workflow

Easily kickoff approval workflows, leave comments, assign owners and add due dates. Ensure key stakeholders in marketing, legal, and other departments approve content before it goes live.

Workflow Timeline

See exactly where content is at in your workflow with a full historical activity timeline.

Workflow timeline

User Roles and Permissions

Create roles to define a set custom fine-grained permissions for your team members and contributors.

Create custom roles

Locale Permissions for Global teams

Admins can set locale-based permissions for specific local markets, enabling your global team of marketers and translators to safely work side-by-side.

Localization permissions


Go Global

Localize to any number of languages

Create all the locales you need to support your global app.

Configure limitless locales
Translation Experience

Amazing translation experience

Easily manage all languages of your content in our easy to use UI.

Translation Experience


Admins can set locale-based permissions for specific local markets, enabling your global team of marketers and translators to safely work side-by-side.

Localization permissions

Enterprise Grade

Centralized multi-channel & multi-site content management

Multi-site and multi-environment

Manage content across your entire enterprise in one central place with fine grain site-level user access.

Multi-site management

Single Sign On (SSO)

Log into ButterCMS with your Corporate IDP for greater security, compliance, usability, and lower IT costs.

Login with SSO

Build Better with Butterâ„¢

Our Brand promise is that you'll have a smooth experience from start to finish. Our industry leading customer support will ensure you're successful.

Migration tool


You can migrate content and schema between sites and environments with a single click in the built-in Butter migration tool.

Migration tool

Secure hosting

Your data is hosted using AWS datacenters which feature ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE, PCI Level 1, FISMA Moderate, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

Secure data hosting

Write API

Update your e-commerce product listings, marketplace data, collect form data, or build an FAQ database by writing any data your app needs into Butter. Learn more.

Globally Cached Content

Expect the best performance, resiliency and scalability with our globally cached API.

Globally cached API

Daily backups

We backup your content automatically every day.

Live chat, email & customer success

ButterCMS is more than just our software. We provide industry leading support to ensure your success. Chat with us, email, call, or find help in our rich tutorial documentation.

Developer Experience

Use your favorite tech stack. Butter melts right in.

Use Butter with any tech stack


Configure webhooks to POST change notifications to your application. View documentation for details on Event types.

Webhooks are easy to configure

API Explorer

Our API explorer shows you how to fetch any content from Butter, what the response looks like and how to get a real code snippet to try for yourself.

API Explorer
Migration tool UI

One-Click Migrations

Content migrations across your ButterCMS environments have never been so easy. We handle all the complexity for you. Simply create a schema and/or content Migration via the dashboard and we handle the rest.

Migration tool UI

WYSIWYG Powerups

With this enhancement, ButterCMS offers an even more comprehensive set of tools that are designed to elevate the content creation and editing experience. Here’s a closer look at the key features this integration brings to ButterCMS:

 1) Advanced Code Editor: users can now enjoy a robust code editing experience right within ButterCMS. This feature provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and code formatting options, enabling developers and content creators to work more efficiently and accurately.

 2) PowerPaste: makes it incredibly easy to transfer content from external sources, such as Google / Word documents or web pages, into ButterCMS. It intelligently cleans up messy content formatting, preserves text styling, and ensures a seamless transition of content without the hassle of manual reformatting.

 3) Export: allows users to export their content in various formats, including HTML, PDF, and Word documents. This functionality is especially valuable for creating downloadable content, generating print-ready materials, or collaborating with external stakeholders who require content in specific formats.

WYSIWYG Powerups

ButterCMS Marketplace

Explore a growing ecosystem of apps, starter projects, and services you can melt right into your ButterCMS app.

ButterCMS Marketplace


Our marketplace offers a wide range of integrations, including popular tools like Cloudinary for digital asset management, Typeform for lead generation and customer feedback, DeepL for automated translation, Lokalise and Crowdin for multilingual content management, Okta and Azure AD for user authentication and access control, and many more. By connecting these tools directly to ButterCMS, you can automate workflows, save time, and improve collaboration.