Flexible Content Modeling

Make content changes dead simple for your content editors.

  • Components

    Components enable your marketers to compose flexible page layouts and easily reorder those layouts.

  • Page types

    Build SEO landing pages, knowledge base, news articles, and more by using Page Types. Learn more.

    Page Types

    Learn more in the video below:

  • Collections

    Update new product information for your online store or create new promotional content like Case Studies and Testimonials using Collections. Learn more.

    Collection 1

    Collections are tables of data that can be referenced by Pages or directly queried from the API enabling easy filterability and categorization of your content.

    Collection 2 Collection 3
  • Blog Engine

    You've got better things to do than building another blog. Just drop-in our pre-built blog engine and get back to more interesting problems.

    See it in action:

  • Reference Field

    Create multi-level navigation menus and build links between related, relevant content using Reference Fields. Learn More.

    Reference Field
  • Repeater Field

    Build your image carousel, team page, related articles and much more using Repeater Fields. Learn More.

    Repeater Field

Fast Content Update

Built in SEO, previewing, revision histories, and scheduling will delight your marketers.

  • SEO Built-in

    Quickly set up your blog on a subdirectory of your website and use the built-in SEO metadata and description to optimize your SEO.

    SEO 1 SEO 2
  • Revision History

    Never lose a change to your content again.

    Revision History
  • WYSIWYG Editor

    Update your webpage content without writing any HTML or involving a developer.

  • Schedule your content updates

    Plan when you want your new posts or pages to go live.

    Content Scheduling
  • Localization for multiple languages

    Create all the locales you need to support your global app.

    Localization 1 Localization 2
  • Preview content

    See what your webpage or blog post will really look like before it’s published.

    Preview Changes

Media Library

No need for your own image hosting or configuring a complex CDN when you can store your images and files in Butter

  • Audio Support

    Host a variety of audio file types and power your podcasts with ButterCMS. Learn more

    Audio Support 1 Audio Support 2
  • Tags and Filter Media

    Find the media file you need by filtering with tags.

    Fast Tags
  • In-browser editing

    Your team can simply update content from their browser. No need to download any software.

    In-browser Editing
  • CDN for assets

    Your data is securely stored and delivered with Amazon CloudFront’s CDN.

    CDN for assets
  • Image API

    Change your image size and quality effortlessly with our Image API that's powered by Filestack. Learn More

    Image API
  • Image Editor

    Transform your images, right within the ButterCMS dashboard with a beautiful, modern interface. Crop, resize, apply filters, and more.

    Image API

Multi-Sites and Environments

One central location for managing content for all of your websites and environments

  • Multiple Websites

    Agencies and Enterprise businesses can access all of your websites’ content from one Butter instance. Learn more.

    Multiple Websites
  • Multiple Environments

    Manage multiple environments from one place so you can iterate on your content model without impacting your live website. Learn more.

    Multiple Environments
  • Data Migration

    Safely migrate configuration data across your environments when they are ready. Learn more.

    Data Migration


Butter was built from the ground up with developers in mind to make integration as fast as possible

  • API-First CMS for your Content

    Edit, search, filter, sort and paginate your content with our API

    Content API

    Free yourself from bloated, traditional CMSs and use your favorite tech stack to launch faster with less code. Learn more.

  • Globally Cached API and Content

    Expect the best performance, resiliency and scalability with our cached API.

    Globally Cached API and Content 1
  • Write API

    Update your e-commerce product listing, marketplace data, collect form data, or build an FAQ database by writing any data your app needs into Butter. Learn more.

    Write API
  • Developer Tech Stack Guides

    Manage your content regardless of what tech stack you want to use and we’ll help you do it with our comprehensive documentation. Check out our docs.

    Developer Guides
  • SDKs (Software Development Kits)

    Quickly plug butter into your app with our SDKs.


Team Based

Developers and Marketers who value their time work together in ButterCMS

  • User Dashboard

    Our easy to navigate dashboard gives you access to update all of your blog posts, web pages, and collections of data all in one place.

    User Dashboard
  • Roles and Permissions
    Various permission levels provide the optimal experience for your cross-functional team

    Avoid publishing incomplete posts or webpage updates by setting appropriate permission levels to create, write, edit, delete, or publish new content for each team member.

    Roles and Permissions
  • Workflows

    Workflows keep your team engaged and help you adhere to your content marketing schedule.


    Larger teams churn out more content and stay organized with workflows.