DeepL Translator and ButterCMS integration

DeepL Translate is an artificial intelligence (AI) language translation tool that provides highly accurate and natural-sounding translations for text in various languages. It uses neural network technology to learn from vast amounts of language data and to analyze the context of each sentence to provide translations that are closer to human-like quality than many other translation tools.

Translations between the following languages are supported:

Bulgarian Estonian Italian Portuguese Swedish
Chinese (simplified) Finnish Japanese Portuguese (Brazilian) Turkish
Czech French Korean Romanian Ukrainian
Danish German Latvian Russian
Dutch Greek Lithuanian Slovak
English (American) Hungarian Norwegian (bokmål) Slovenian
English (British) Indonesian Polish Spanish

Enabling DeepL Integration

To enable your integration, just go to Settings > Integrations and tick the 'Enable' checkbox. No account with DeepL is necessary:

Translating Content

Once DeepL has been enabled on your ButterCMS account, you can go to a page and initiate a translation request:

When a translation request is in progress, any user who visits the page that is being translated would see a warning informing them of the process that is running in the background.

Translation History

You can view a log of all previous DeepL translation requests. Just click on the 'View Translations History' link in Settings > Localization. You can also click on each entry to get more information on the job:

NOTE: The DeepL Translation currently does not support incremental updates.

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