A SaaS CMS built for SaaS

Is there such a thing? Yes, ButterCMS is a SaaS CMS built to fit the needs of other SaaS companies. We manage the content on both our website and our app through the ButterCMS backend. Butter CMS helps reduce the work that dev teams need to do to maintain and update their website while giving content creation teams a fast interface for creating and editing content that can be streamed to any website, portal, app, or other digital channel!

Why Butter CMS is Important for SaaS

SaaS-isfaction leads to SaaS-uccess…(don’t groan, this is important stuff!) ButterCMS improves satisfaction for your dev and content creation teams. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and that makes launching new content fast. It also allows both teams to control content to both your app and your marketing website in one place.

As a SaaS you have customers that log into your website or app. With ButterCMS you can create dynamic and personalized content triggered by that login. Dynamic and personalized content improves customer satisfaction, product adoption and loyalty, all of which reduces churn.

SaaS Use Cases for ButterCMS

  • Create & edit content in your web or mobile app

  • Manage content on multiple websites, portals or digital channels

  • Easily translate content and manage multiple localizations

  • Use the API connection to bulk update content

  • Create dynamic and personalized content blocks on pages

  • Swap out front-end frameworks without disturbing the back-end

  • Improve SEO by reducing page load times

  • Build in the front-end framework of your choice

Benefits of a headless SaaS CMS

As a SaaS you already have a robust development team building your application. A strong dev team is critical to success with a headless CMS. You can reduce the workload on that dev team with a headless SaaS CMS. How?

  1. A headless CMS lets your devs build in a front-end framework they already know

  2. ButterCMS is hosted so it removes hosting, patching and security hassles

  3. Your content team can create & edit content with minimal dev team work

  4. You can manage content to your app & website all in the same CMS

  5. Integrating or swapping future tech into your stack is faster

A CMS For Businesses of All Sizes?

ButterCMS can power content for businesses of all sizes, from startup to enterprise. We have self-service plans perfect for startups at $99/month. We also have plans with robust enterprise level features such as custom roles & permissions, content workflows, and SLAs. Our plans scale effortlessly as your needs and usage grow. 

The Best CMS for SaaS Enterprises

Teams at enterprise level SaaS companies like Salesforce and Roblox use ButterCMS for its speed and flexibility. ButterCMS let’s Enterprise SaaS dev teams build their custom vision quickly and easily in the framework of their choice. We have SDKs for 29 different frameworks, so you can build faster than you thought possible. Security is top-notch with roles and permissions you can custom build and match to single or multiple locales and environments.

Your content teams will love the fast and easy to use interface and how it enables them to build pages and edit content without needing help from the dev team. ButterCMS is also far less expensive than other enterprise CMS which makes your finance team happy. Operations will love that you can easily add new websites and apps with the same single instance of ButterCMS. ButterCMS is something all your teams will agree upon.

Small to Medium Size Websites

ButterCMS has usage based pricing so plans are available to fit startup SaaS needs and then scale to medium sized websites and beyond. Our developer documentation makes it easy to get started building your site, and live chat within our app lets you connect with a human in under 3 minutes during business hours. ButterCMS has a plan that fits your stage and scales easily to accommodate your growth.

Next Steps

The next step is to have your IT leader or development team connect with ButterCMS. We can give them access to the SDK’s, and free starter projects they can use to quickly build a proof of concept to show to your product or marketing team.

Do you want your product or marketing team to test Butter CMS first? We can set up a live demo to walk your team through the fast, easy-to-use interface.