Trusted Headless CMS for Custom Builds

ButterCMS was created in 2015 to power custom builds of websites, portals, apps, or any other digital content as one of the very first headless CMS. Since then ButterCMS has become trusted by developers around the world because of our simplicity, speed, and support. We are proud of the G2 user ratings we’ve earned that prove this.

What is a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a content management system that does not control the “head” or visible front end of the content. This allows developers to build their front-end in the programming framework of their choice and integrate it via API to a simple, easy to use CMS back-end where content creators can easily create, edit, and publish content.

Why use a headless CMS? First, it frees developers from the drudgery of making daily website changes for their content creators. It empowers content creators with maximum flexibility and efficiency in their content. ButterCMS speeds up the content creation, maintenance, and publishing process.

Headless CMS Use Cases

A headless CMS can be used to power any type of digital content. Here are a few use cases:

Manage Hundreds of Websites

  1. Power multiple domains and websites from one headless CMS instance

  2. Localize content to unlimited locales and languages

  3. Easily add or merge newly acquired websites without affecting the front-end

  4. Get faster page loads & more content control for ecommerce sites

  5. Add or improve an existing Blog

Power Other DigitalChannels

  1. Power content to mobile and web apps

  2. Power recruiting sites

  3. Power customer or employee portals

  4. Control content to IoT, AR/VR, OTT, CTV or other non-web channels

  5. Manage content sent to in-store point-of-sale systems & digital displays

Improve & Customize

  1. Boost SEO

  2. Reduce content development time

  3. Reduce developer workload

  4. Get unlimited design flexibility & control for higher conversion rates

  5. Connect / Integrate with any other API powered service

SEO Benefits?

How can a headless CMS help SEO? There are several ways. First, any CMS should help your content team fill in the most important technical SEO tags for any content. Second, a headless CMS will reduce the code-bloat that slows down the page load speed with any traditional CMS like Wordpress. ButterCMS checks both of these boxes, prompting your content team with fields for the most important meta tags and title tags for SEO, and also allowing your team to improve page load speeds with lightning-fast code. ButterCMS takes page load speed a step further by automatically optimizing images for smaller sizes and distributing them on a fast global CDN.

For Businesses of All Sizes?

ButterCMS can power content for businesses of all sizes, from startup to enterprise. Because ButterCMS is a hosted SaaS, our plans scale effortlessly as you add multiple websites, localizations, or environments. Our team monitors usage, security, and maintenance to ensure your team has a fast experience wherever they are located.

The best Headless CMS for Enterprises

Content teams will love the fast and easy to use interface and how it enables them to build pages and edit content with minimal involvement from the development team. Development teams will love how ButterCMS handles maintenance, speed, and security patches. ButterCMS also has custom roles available to give granular permissions to users for particular websites and content types.

Small to Medium Size Websites

ButterCMS has usage based pricing so plans are available to fit the needs of startups and then scale to medium sized websites and multiple websites. Our developer documentation makes it easy to get started building your site. In-app chat lets you connect with a human in under 3 minutes during business hours. ButterCMS has a plan that fits your team’s stage and scales easily to accommodate your growth.


Next Steps

The next step is to have your IT leader or development team connect with ButterCMS. We can give them access to the SDK’s, and free starter projects they can use to quickly build a proof of concept to show to your product or marketing team.

Do you want your product or marketing team to test Butter CMS first? We can set up a live demo to walk your team through the fast, easy-to-use interface.