Loved by developers and marketers

Butter gives marketing teams the CMS they've always dreamed of without creating a hassle for developers.

Rewards Network uses ButterCMS to efficiently manage multiple websites and reduce the time it takes to update content from hours to minutes.

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Radial Spark, a boutique software consulting firm, uses ButterCMS to boost the efficiency of its marketing team by removing developers from their processes after successfully using ButterCMS for client work.

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PickFu, a leading Consumer Research Company, uses ButterCMS to accelerate their site redesign and alleviate a growing content bottleneck. Now, the PickFu marketing team can create the content they want without developer assistance.

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Doorsteps uses ButterCMS to create and publish articles in one-third of the time, increase page impressions three-fold and decrease bounce rate 20% all while taking the developers out of the process.

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RAPID uses ButterCMS to build their single-page application providing faster experience for their users. Added flexibility allows their team to keep up with 10x growth during that short period of time and changing FDA regulations.

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Lambda, a leading online school for software developers, leveraged ButterCMS to migrate off of Medium for their company blog.

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Scripted was able to launch their new blog—including content migration, refreshed layout and branding, and search optimization—in just a few days using ButterCMS.

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Key.Me uses Butter to customize the key-duplication and locksmith offerings available at kiosks around the US while putting the marketing copy changes directly into the hands of their marketing and sales teams.

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TMV Group uses Butter to add value for clients with large-scale content projects including the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

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Trusted by startups, agencies, and enterprises

It checked all the boxes for us. It was super lightweight. It did the things that we knew that we wanted to do.

CHERYL CROUSE Product Manager,
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There's a willingness to listen to the developers that are actually using the Butter platform and that make updates accordingly. I think that's a big win for anybody knowing that you guys really listen to your customers. It’s something that most of the big guys just don't do anymore.

JOE HOCHGREVE Web Development Lead, TMV Group
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We needed an easy way to publish optimized, good-looking content, something so essential to our company’s marketing efforts.

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The integration was super straightforward and the actual authoring experience was great, too.

BOB LAUER Director of Engineering, Lambda School
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Love for Butter

ButterCMS is very useful in giving us the flexibility to create a website exactly to our liking without the need to know how to write code.
Claudia Nadalin Software Engineer
We want to make it a lot easier to publish our content. Now we can have anyone in our office to update content, and the engineer team wouldn't have to worry anymore.
Loc Mai Full-stack Developer
I was initially only thinking of using them for my blog content but now all the static information for my entire site is hosted with them.
Josh Elias CTO
Our development team was able to hook up to ButterCMS's API relatively easily and get our blog up and running very fast.
Geoffrey Melle Account Manager
Our ultimate goal was to gain the SEO benefits of having all keyword-rich content on our domain and Butter helped us do it with ease.
Andrew Burleson Administrator
The simplicity of Butter CMS is the part we like the most along with how quickly we were able to adapt it for our complex requirements.
Pratheesh K Customer Solutions Specialist
It's the epitome of plug-and-play simplicity for content creators. It does exactly what I need it to.
Luke Gardner Content Specialist
Simple as can be, with powerful features and great customer support.
Dillon Burns Front End Developer
Butter just makes everything come together and look great with little effort. It is fantastic for SEO and highly optimised cross-platform, making it the ideal tool for pretty much anyone.
Callum Hemsley CEO
It allows us to easily manage a blog within the context of a custom app of our choice. Butter was the cleanest and easiest of the options I explored.
Brad Garner Full Stack Developer
I love that they roll out new enhancements and features often and respond to feature requests.
Scott Rogers President
Fantastic Developer Experience
Matthew Wright Founder & CEO
It is your backend plus an easy interface that even marketing people can figure out.
Todd Dunning Director of Web and Mobile
Super easy to use even easier to install.
Karina Carmona Front End Developer
It provides a easy to integrate tool for the developer, and an editorial tool that is not as complicated for the author.
Lisa D
Very easy CMS back end to use
Steve E Senior Web Developer
I work as a senior developer for a digital agency and have trialled many different CMS, especially headless CMS recently. Of them all ButterCMS was - by a long margin - the easiest to get up and running with.
Lee C
A Fast, Novel and Convenient Way to Manage Content in an Enterprise Website
Mario Jose Villamizar Cano Cloud Solutions Architect (Heroku, AWS, Salesforce) - Project Manager
Instead of using CMS that require PHP, this one was very convenient for use in React.
Yuliya Yasenetska Software Engineer
The most easy api I had to use for the past three years. I can create a blog using a simple API without coding any back-end stuff.
David Vanderbeek Lead Front-End developer
Butter is a powerful application, and if you need assistance you will have a great customer experience.
Lucas Sorano Project Manager
Customer service and support have been incredible from ButterCMS. Seriously it is so nice to see someone care about their product so much!
Joe Hochgreve Principal Software Engineer
Customer service and support have been incredible from ButterCMS. Seriously it is so nice to see someone care about their product so much!
Joe Hochgreve Principal Software Engineer
Butter allows us to have the URL routes for the best SEO potential possible
Bruce Ackerman Founder
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