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Welcome to ButterCMS! Butter is a modern API-first approach to CMS that quickly integrates with your existing technology stack. We provide a hosted editor and an API with client libraries for quick integration.

Butter enables you to launch a blog and add rich CMS functionality to your site, without dealing with setting up and maintaining a separate system like WordPress.

We currently offer two solutions: Blog Platform and Content Fields.

Blog Platform

Use Butter to quickly launch the perfect company blog without the hassle. There's nothing to setup, host, or maintain. We handle it all. Integrate with our API and go live today. SEO optimization is baked in, your blog lives on your main domain and you have full control over SEO and meta tags.

Read full blog documentation for quick start guides.

Screenshot of our hosted blog editor

Content Fields

Content fields allow you to make any content on your site or mobile app editable by anyone on your team. Common use cases include team pages, copy blocks, images, FAQs, headlines, page titles, and meta tags.

You (the developer) define the parts of your website you want to make editable, your business users manage content in our hosted admin panel, and your website pulls in the values using Butter's RESTful API.

There are two types of Content Fields: Object and Collection which you can learn more about in the full content field documentation.

Screenshot of Content Fields

API Libraries

Ruby (Docs)

Python (Docs)

C# (Docs)

PHP (Docs)

Node.JS (Docs)

Go (Docs)

Full list of our open source API Libraries

For technology stacks such as Java you can integrate directly with our REST API.

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