How do I Update or Delete Locales?

Localization is the act of customizing your content to the specific locale (geographic location) of the person interacting with your content.

ButterCMS has full support for the localization of your content. Locale names and keys are completely customizable.

By default, the first Locale you enter will be your Default Locale. You can change this anytime, by clicking on the radio button for the Locale you want to set as the default:

Updating Locale Names

While we can change the names for your locales, we currently don't support changing locale slugs as all of your existing content was created under the existing locale. Changing the locale slug will make it appear as though your content is missing. One workaround is to create a new locale with the new slug, then use our 'Copy From' capability to copy from your old locale into your new locale: works on both Pages and Collections.

Deleting Locales

If a default locale needs to be deleted, it is important to note that the API calls for your pages and collections need to be updated. Below is a guide you can refer to.

Single Page:<page_type_slug>/<page_slug>/?locale=en&preview=1&auth_token=your_api_token

Multiple Single Pages:*/?preview=1&page=1&page_size=10&locale=en&levels=2&auth_token=your_api_token

Page Types:<page_type>/?preview=1&fields.tag=example&fields.genre=api&order=title&page=1&page_size=10&locale=en&levels=2&auth_token=your_api_token'


Disabling Localization

Please reach out to the ButterCMS Support Team via the in-app chat or email if you wish to disable localization on your account completely.

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