Does Butter Provide Themes and Templates?

We do not provide templates or themes. We're SaaS so we host and maintain the CMS API and Dashboard. You query our Content API to pull content into your app. So we host and maintain the data, and you define your own custom content models within Butter. 

Butter offers three core content types:
Blog Posts are preconfigured pages with pre-defined fields that enable you to quickly connect a blog to your site with built-in, optimized SEO.
Pages are a very flexible content type that allow you to create any custom combination of content fields.  You can build a Page Type which can be used over and over again by the content editing team to create new content.
Collections are tables of data that can be referenced by pages or called directly via API from your app.

Butter is your one central place to manage all of your content.  ButterCMS does not control the look and feel of your site.

To get started, you or your developer would need to connect Butter to your website using our developer-friendly guides. Just send your developer this link:

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