Formstack and ButterCMS Integration


Formstack Forms is an intuitive, drag-and-drop form and workflow builder that allows businesses to collect information that matters and automate processes. With Formstack Forms, organizations can create professionally branded, mobile-friendly online forms in minutes and start gathering payments, feedback, event registrations, and more.

Note: A Formstack Forms plan is required for use with this integration. 

Enabling the integration

To enable your Formstack integration, just go to Settings > Integrations > and tick on the Formstack checkbox to enable it:

After you have integrated Formstack into your ButterCMS account, you will see a new content field that you can add to your schema when creating or editing your pages and/or page types.

Adding a form to your page

The first time you try adding a form to your page, the system will prompt you to log into your Formstack account, 

We then dynamically load a list of all of your forms into the Butter dashboard.

That's it! Your form should now show up on your page(s). Here’s a sample of the API JSON response for how the forms get returned in our API.

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