How to Add Related Articles to Your Blog Posts

How do I add a "Related Articles" section to my blog posts?

The ButterCMS Blog Engine is a pre-configured template that includes categories and tags that help you to label or group your content based on similar characteristics. This is helpful for filtering content to only display relevant content based on these categorizations.

If you're looking to add a "related articles" section to your blog posts, you can do so by adding a section on your blog post template within your code base that displays "related posts." You'll call our API to fetch the posts content that is relevant based on either a category, tag, or even an Author - the decision is up to you.

How do I add a "Related Articles" to my custom Blog Post Page Type?

You may be using a custom Page Type for your articles, news, and blog posts so that you can include many custom fields in addition to what we offer with our out-of-the-box Blog Engine template.  You can add a "related articles" section for these articles as well.  In this case, you can simply add a "one-to-many" Reference Field to your page type schema named "Related Articles."  This Reference Field will reference the Page Type that you'd like to show within the Related Articles section of your blog post.  Then as you create each new article, you can customize what articles they'd like to reference for this article.

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