How to Use Workspaces

Workspaces are available to our Enterprise customers to keep a large number of Collections organized. Message us via our in-app chat if you need Workspaces added to your ButterCMS account.

  1. Creating a Workspace
  2. Linking a Collection to a Workspace
  3. Editing a Workspace

Creating a workspace

Click on the Workspaces tab from the Main Menu and then click on the "+" sign to add a new Workspace


Linking a Collection to a Workspace

1. Go to to view all the Collections you have created.

2. Under the Workspaces column, click on the drop-down box next to the content you would like to add to a Workspace


Editing a Workspace

Click on the Edit workspace button on the upper-right side to make changes to the Workspace such as renaming it, removing a Collection from the list or managing the order of your Collections within your Workspace:


You can also easily add a new Collection to this workspace by typing the name inside the Add existing content fields box.


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