Create, Update, and Manage Press Releases in ButterCMS via Collections

Keeping records of big company events and communicating organizational changes is something every company must manage. ButterCMS is here to help with a simple, easy-to-use schema that can help make managing press releases a seamless process. 

By creating an easy-to-use schema your team can release press releases straight to your website in a matter of seconds. Follow along as we walk through how to create a simple and straightforward schema via collections: 

Step 1: Create the Collection Schema

Create the schema that will be used for your Press Releases. We chose to use a collection over a page as press releases are generally referenced on other pages and don't necessarily require a full page in Butter. As always, depending on the format of your Press Releases, feel free to edit and adjust the template below. To create our schema we used the following field types: 

  • Title
  • Publication Date
  • WYSIWYG (if your team generates PDF's and you wish to have them simply upload a PDF then we suggest using the Media Field)

Title this collection, "Press Release."

Step 2: Create the logic

Within your logic, define where and how this new collection will be referenced. 

Step 3: Create a Press Release

Begin populating content. Create individual entries using the collection that you've named, "Press Release." Each individual collection item will house one press release. 

Step 4: Train/Communicate with content teams

Explain to content teams how to create press releases and any important information they might need to know. 

Pro Tip! You can use the schedule publish feature to schedule content to publish, allowing your team to work ahead! 

Want to see a live example? Replacements, Ltd. manages its collections using a very similar format. This enabled their content and legal teams to add press releases to their website in a matter of minutes. 

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