Migrating Content into ButterCMS

Migrating Content from WordPress into ButterCMS

Do you want to migrate your content and metadata associated with it from another system over to ButterCMS? If you have a blog you're looking to migrate over, we can help!

WordPress has a guide that walks you through the export process of your blog post data: https://en.support.wordpress.com/export/

Once you've done this, please send the file to support@buttercms.com and we'll get things migrated for you in 2-3 business days.

For full site migrations, we can assist with this for Enterprise accounts. Contact us at support@buttercms.com to learn more about how we support our Enterprise customers for migration.  If one of our self-service plans is a better fit for you, contact us at support@buttercms.com and we're happy to discuss how we can support your migration in Butter. 

Note: We do require that your account be active with a subscription before we can begin the import into ButterCMS. You can subscribe here: https://buttercms.com/subscribe/ 

Migrating Content Schema Within Butter

Do you want to migrate your content within ButterCMS? If you have multiple environments or multi-site you can migrate content with a few clicks! Learn more here.

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