Sitemap and RSS Feeds

You can leverage your blog sitemap to maximize search engine crawling + indexation and your RSS/ATOM feeds to syndicate your content out to your social media profiles and content networks.

RSS, Atom, and Sitemap for your Blog

Butter generates RSS, Atom, and sitemap XML markup. To use these on your blog, return the generated XML from the Butter API with the proper content type headers.

Here's what an example request looks like for getting your blog's RSS feed:

curl -X GET ''

And the response:

  "data": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n<urlset xmlns=\"\" xmlns:xsi=\"\" xsi:schemaLocation=\"\">\n \n  <url><loc></loc></url>\n \n</urlset>"

See our API reference for more information about fetching RSS, Atom, and sitemap XML.

Syndicating to Facebook

To post your live blog posts to your Facebook account automatically, you can connect your blog RSS feed to your Facebook account to do this.

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