AI Plug-in for ButterCMS WYSIWYG Field

TinyMCE’s AI Assistant with pre-written prompts, helps you generate, rewrite, and transform your content, using OpenAI’s powerful GPT models – the same models used in ChatGPT.

Use OpenAI’s powerful GPT models – via your own OpenAI API key – and customize them to suit your exact use case. Pre-written prompts are available out-of-the-box but you can also define your own prompts, all within the TinyMCE config.

    Enabling the TinyMCE AI Plug-in

    To enable your TinyMCE AI Plug-in, just go to Settings > Integrations > Enter your OpenAI API Key > and tick on the Enable checkbox.

    There are two key reasons to enable the TinyMCE AI Assistant over another plugin:

    1. It creates a familiar UI for content creators who are working within your app. 
    2. There's no tab or window switching whatsoever, it all happens in the editor UI.

    Understanding the AI Assistant toolbar buttons

    There are two main toolbar buttons

    AI Assistant - for writing new content

    Here is an example of the AI Assistant in action:


    AI Shortcuts - for the analysis of existing content in the text area

    The ai_shortcuts option comes with several pre-written prompts installed and ready for content creators. You can also configure your own pre-written prompts (eg: Optimize for SEO, Optimize for *ABC* keyword).

    Here is an example of the AI Shortcuts in action:undefined

    NOTE: If you receive an error, it is generally related to your number of available tokens.

    Tokens are the basic unit that OpenAI GPT models use to compute the length of a text. They are groups of characters, which sometimes align with words, but not always. In particular, it depends on the number of characters and includes punctuation signs or emojis.

    We suggest you try optimizing a smaller selection of text one at a time. You can break the entire article into multiple chunks and send it to OpenAI individually.

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