Typeform and ButterCMS Integration


Typeform is a SaaS company that specializes in online form building and online surveys. Its main software creates dynamic forms based on user needs. With Typeform, you can:

  • Make your surveys instantly recognizable - Use brand kits to add logos, colors, and styles to your surveys, then smoothly embed them in landing pages and emails without any coding.
  • Get survey takers to share more - Call people by their name, adapt follow-up questions to their answers, and end your survey on a personal note.
  • Let the whole journey happen in your survey - Build surveys with AI, let people schedule time, run calculations, or score leads—and follow up with personalized, automated messages.

Enabling the integration

To enable your Formstack integration, just go to Settings > Integrations > and tick on the Typeform checkbox to enable it:

After you have integrated Typeform into your ButterCMS account, you will see a new content field that you can add to your schema when creating or editing your pages and/or page types.

Adding a form to your page

The first time you try adding a form to your page, the system will prompt you to log into your Typeform account.

We then dynamically load a list of all of your forms into the Butter dashboard right here.

That's it! Your form should now show up on your page(s). Here’s a sample of the API JSON response for how the forms get returned in our API.

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