Using Components to Create a Reusable CTA Banner

Creating content that can be reused throughout your website is the exact reason why we created Components. In this example, we will look at how to build a component with a call to action that can be used as a banner throughout your website. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a banner as well as an example of what an example of this banner would look like. 

Step 1: Create a Component 

Start by creating a component that will serve as a template. This component can be added to a new page or an existing page type. In this example, we will be adding the following fields to your component:

  • Headline
  • Sub-Headline
  • Image
  • Button Label
  • Button URL
  • Scroll anchor ID

This component will still need to be added to a page or a page type. You can learn more about that here

Step 2: Create your first banner using the schema you built.

Now that the component has been created and added to a page, let's get to adding content! 

Once published, this is a sample of what your component might look like:

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