Create Two-Column Sections Using Components

Building a section with two columns is made easy in Butter. The simplest way is to use Components so it can be reused on multiple sections of your page or on different pages altogether.

Step 1: Create a component

This will serve as a template for each of the sections you are adding to your pages that require two columns. In this example, we will be adding the following fields to your component:

  • Headline (Right column)
  • Sub-Headline (Right column)
  • Image (Left column)
  • Image Position (Left column)
  • Button Label (Left column)
  • Button URL (Left column)
  • Scroll anchor ID (Left column)

Here's a video demo that showcases how these fields can be added to a component:

Step 2: Create your first two-column section using the schema you built.


Here is a sample page of how the guide above will look like:

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