Using Repeaters to Add a Question Accordion to a Page

Adding an accordion to a page or multiple pages on your site can help improve user experience, especially on mobile devices. It's best to model this out using repeaters.

The Repeater field is a group of one or more content fields of any combination that can be repeated multiple times within a Page. Commonly used examples would be an Image Carousel, Sliders, and FAQs, We have used this to showcase customer feedback on our homepage.


Step 1: Create a Component with a Repeater field

This will serve as a template for each of the questions you are adding to your homepage. In this example, we will be adding the following fields to a repeater within a component so you can repeat the same set of fields over and over again:

  • Question
  • Answer

Step 2: Create your first Question and Answer using the schema you built.

Step 3: Click on the + Q&A button to add another repeater to your page.

Step 4: Continue adding the questions and answers for all your FAQs.

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