Viewing and Restoring Previous Version Histories

When working with others on your team to create, update, and publish new content, it's important to have the ability to go back to see previous versions of content in case something needs to be recovered.  Here's how to view the previous versions for your content:


1. Go to the page you're interested in from your Butter dashboard.

2. Click History on the top right corner of your screen.


Note: When you click on previous versions from the right-hand side, the content fields and content within them will show up on the left-hand side.

3. View all previous versions for that page. In order for a version to show up in your history, it must have been "published."  If the page has never been published, then it will not show up here.  Here's an example version history from our Butter knowledge base page:


4. If you want to revert back to an older version, select the previous version that has the content fields and/or content that you are looking to restore, and then click the "Revert to this version" button. 


1. Go to the Collection from your Butter dashboard and then click on the Collection Item that you'd like to view.

2. Click History on the top right corner of your screen.

3. Once you've clicked on that, you should see a list of when your items were edited and the content version right below it.


Blog Posts

Viewing version history for Blog Posts is currently unavailable.

Symbols for Versions

draft with pencil.JPG This version is in Draft and will only appear for the current active draft.


Published with checkmark.JPG This is the currently Published version.


Locked with Lock.JPGThis version was a previously Published version and can no longer be modified.  It can however be reverted back to.


Note: Version history helps you to recover content and media that have changed.  If changes are made to the content modeling of a page or collection, i.e. content fields have been added or deleted, only the currently published content fields that have been configured will be available for any version.

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