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Bonfire's A/B Testing Component is designed to seamlessly integrate with ButterCMS

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Bonfire's A/B Testing Component is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with ButterCMS's headless CMS. Enhance your website’s performance and make data-driven decisions with our custom A/B Testing solution. Developed with seamless integration into ButterCMS, Google Analytics, and Looker Studio, our component offers powerful features to optimize your user experience and drive conversions. This powerful combination empowers you to optimize your user experience, drive conversions, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Key Features

Flexible Front-end Strategy: Our A/B Testing solution uses NextJS Middleware, ensuring high performance and compatibility with various code frameworks such as React, PHP, Ruby, and more. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the technology that best suits your application needs. 

Easy Configuration: Define control group ("A") and challenger groups ("B", "C", etc.) as pages within ButterCMS. Effortlessly manage and configure your testing routes, allowing you to easily control and experiment with different variations.

Streamlined Tracking: Benefit from comprehensive tracking capabilities using Google Analytics (GA4). Our solution automatically fires GA4 events for all interactions on your pages, including button clicks, form interactions, form submits, and conversion success. For conversions, we track time to conversion by measuring page load or component visible events through the conversion event, and provide detailed drop-off/abandonment data, providing valuable metrics for optimization.

Powerful Reporting: Leverage the robust reporting features of Looker Studio to analyze and visualize the results of your A/B testing challenges. Measure the impact of your tests by session counts and utilize custom parameters added to the GA4 data source. We provide custom dashboards that help you easily visualize the data and reporting to give you all the info you need to make data driven decisions for your website and conversion funnel.

In summary, Bonfire’s A/B Testing for ButterCMS allows you to drive meaningful improvements, enhance user experiences, and make data-backed decisions that propel your website’s success. Harness the power of ButterCMS, Google Analytics, and Looker Studio today.

Add A/B Testing

Bonfire’s A/B Testing for ButterCMS is available to ButterCMS customers. Contact us or your customer success manager for configuration details.