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About Cloudinary

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Cloudinary is a cloud-based media management platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools for storing, optimizing, and delivering images, videos, and other rich media assets. It enables developers to easily upload, manipulate, and serve media files, delivering optimized content for any device or channel. Cloudinary offers features such as dynamic image and video resizing, intelligent cropping, automatic format conversion, and real-time image manipulation using a powerful API. It is used by businesses of all sizes across industries, including e-commerce, media and entertainment, travel, and more.

ButterCMS with Cloudinary

Cloudinary ButterCMS Integration

With this app you can continue to use Cloudinary as your preferred DAM solution for images, videos, and other digital assets. By installing the Cloudinary app, you can bring your Cloudinary assets into ButterCMS projects with the rest of your content.

Getting Started

To use this app you'll need a few things first:

Once you have this, simply enable the integration, enter in the above information and Cloudinary will now be your default DAM within ButterCMS.

To learn more about getting set up, check out this knowledge base article.