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About DeepL


DeepL is an artificial intelligence (AI) language translation tool that provides highly accurate and natural-sounding translations for text in various languages. It uses a neural network technology to learn from vast amounts of language data and to analyze the context of each sentence to provide translations that are closer to human-like quality than many other translation tools. DeepL supports translation in multiple language pairs, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, and Russian. It is used by individuals and businesses to translate various types of content, including websites, documents, emails, and more.

ButterCMS with DeepL

With this app, you can instantly streamline the localization process of your content, directly from within ButterCMS. It will help you manage all of your multilingual content effectively, keeping your workflow agile.


Getting Started

Simply enable the integration in your account to tap into the full translation capabilities of DeepL with your ButterCMS content. No account with DeepL is necessary.