ButterCMS + Lokalise

Lokalise makes it easy for you to translate your ButterCMS content.

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About Lokalise


Lokalise is a rapidly expanding B2B SaaS company specializing in language technology. Founded in 2017, it focuses on providing a cloud-based localization and translation management system designed for agile teams. The company's primary goal is to automate the localization process, making it more efficient for developers, managers, translators, and designers. Lokalise offers a platform that integrates collaborative translation, localization workflow management, and in-context editing, among other features.

ButterCMS with Lokalise

This integration allows for a seamless localization of your content directly through ButterCMS. It enables efficient management of your multilingual content, maintaining an agile workflow throughout the process.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Simply go to your integrations and enter your API token, Project ID, Team ID, and default Assignee