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ButterCMS is an API-based CMS and blog engine that integrates with Ruby on Rails apps in minutes. ButterCMS is great for blogs, dynamic pages, and more.

Setup in minutes

Add the ButterCMS Rails gem to your code:

gem 'buttercms-rails'

If you want to setup a blog, use the built-in generator:

rails generate butter:install_blog

Test out some API calls in your application code:

require 'buttercms-ruby'

ButterCMS::api_token = "api_token_b22ab734"

# Get page content
p ButterCMS::Content.fetch(["home"])

# Get posts
p ButterCMS::Post.all(page: 1, page_size: 10)

Check out our open-source code for an example blog built with Sinatra and ButterCMS.

About Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source MVC web development framework writtein in Ruby.

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