A Fast Multilingual CMS

Localization is personalization on a massive scale to the language and or regional differences of your audience. So why wouldn’t every company localize all their content? Often the most common reason given is the cost of time and resources. ButterCMS is a multilingual CMS which significantly reduces these costs. This means not only can you afford to localize your content, but you can do so faster!

ButterCMS speeds up localization by allowing you to simply duplicate pages in your primary language so the code is the same, only the content changes.

Why Butter CMS is Important for Multi Language Content

Speed and efficiency is critical once you start localizing and is multiplied in importance by the number of languages you localize to. ButterCMS speeds up your localization process with several efficiency tools. First, you can opt to have all your localized content connected to your default primary language content. This helps you identify a change in one paragraph and find that same paragraph in every localized version and make sure changes happen there as well. You can also use AI or localization tools directly within ButterCMS. This eliminates the need to copy and paste multiple times. Finally, the workflows and granular permissions allows your team to send permission and approval requests to specific persons right in Butter. When they get the requests, they can make changes or approve and publish the content right inside Butter without having to look through all the pages and content.

Multilingual Site Use Cases

  • Ecommerce

  • Marketing websites

  • Recruitment websites

  • Documentation & customer support

  • Customer portals

  • Web & mobile apps

  • Blogs

  • Point-of-sale

  • Digital signage

  • Ads for CTV and OTV

  • Landing pages

Benefits of a Multilingual CMS

Ecommerce is one of the most compelling use cases since the localization expense can be directly offset by new revenue generated on localized pages. More than half of buyers simply will not buy unless the checkout experience is in their native language.

SEO is localized, and if you don’t optimize content to foreign language keywords you are missing out on organic traffic from many regions that often has far less competition.

Manufacturers & distributors need documentation and support available in the languages of each of the countries where customers buy their products. A lack of this native documentation can have brand reputation, and legal consequences as well as affecting sales & loyalty.

SasS sales, and loyalty are also greatly affected by content being available in the language of their users. If your competitors have localized and you have not you are greatly impacting your ability to compete. If your competitors have not localized, this can be a quick differentiating factor in sales.

Content Localization for Businesses of All Sizes

ButterCMS integrates natively with translation platforms to make localization faster and easier. Send your content to Crowdin, Lokalize, DeepL, or Smartling right inside the ButterCMS interface and instantly get the translations back in the same place. Easily mark only certain parts of your content to be translated, such as when you modify only a portion of the original content.

Localization for Enterprises

The Enterprise version of Butter CMS allows your team to localize to an unlimited number of languages or locales.You can also manage content in one CMS instance to an unlimited number of websites if your multilingual content is hosted on separate domains. 

Enterprise Butter CMS has built-in content production workflows that make it easy for team members to send content for translation, proofing, and approvals with a revision history and team communication tracking of each page.

Enterprise Butter CMS also has granular permissions that allow your administrators to give viewing, approval, editing, or publishing permissions to users for only specific content, and specific locales. This ensures security and simplicity by showing internal users only the content specific to their job and locale.

Localize Small to Medium Size Websites

Butter CMS Small Business plan allows you to manage up to 5 different locales with affordable monthly pricing. Each locale can be set to a particular language or a region with localized content. 

Next Steps

The next step is to have your IT leader or development team connect with ButterCMS. We can give them access to the SDK’s, and free starter projects they can use to quickly build a proof of concept to show to your product or marketing team.

Do you want your product or marketing team to test Butter CMS first? We can set up a live demo to walk your team through the fast, easy-to-use interface.