The Fastest Enterprise CMS

The best enterprise CMS is the one that gets you to your goals the fastest. Time is money, and the more time your team takes learning, implementing, and using an enterprise CMS, the more it costs you, and the lower your chances of hitting profitability goals.

All the most well-known enterprise CMSs fail at this critical aspect. You can see it in their user reviews. Immensely powerful, but inevitably slow. Those making the buying decisions can’t see this until they are locked into a long and expensive contract and their teams start sharing how these slowdowns are affecting their ability to produce results. Power & prestige, but at too high a price.

The solution to this is to find the fastest enterprise CMS that can do all the mission-critical functions you have to have. Ask your teams and you will find that 80% of what they do revolves around 20% of the features in the typical enterprise CMS. But that 80% is getting slowed down for the sake of those extra, but seldom used features. 

There is a solution to keep the speed for your mission-critical functions AND try the nice, but not proven critical features. It involves shifting paradigms from monolithic enterprise software to a custom & composable set of interlocking best-in-class solutions.

Why Butter CMS is Important for Enterprises

ButterCMS purposely prioritizes speed in our product roadmap. This ensures high & fast user adoption and an implementation time that can be up to three times faster than a monolithic enterprise CMS. This means that with ButterCMS you start creating ROI months before the competition.

G2 user reviews of Butter CMS validate users’ appreciation of speed and ease of use on a day-to-day basis. Development teams no longer have to spend time maintaining and patching the CMS and are freed from a constant stream of marketing requests for small changes to web content. Meanwhile, marketing teams can quickly test new content without needing developers. For some ButterCMS clients, this has taken content production processes that used to take weeks to minutes.

Operations & IT leaders will love the built-in content approval workflows, change history, granular permissions, and built-in DAM and CDN that allow dispersed enterprise teams to complete large and disparate projects at scale. 

Developers will appreciate the write API functionality that allows mass data updates programmatically as well as the robust documentation and 29 SDKs that make building in the front-end framework of their choice fast.

Marketing teams will love being able to quickly build pages with customizable component blocks, all with minimal or no developer involvement. Butter CMS allows you to build dynamic components that show personalized content based on the identity of the user. Marketers will also appreciate the page load speed gains that can only be achieved in a headless CMS.

Product teams will love the ease with which they instantly have omnichannel content consistency and can add and change content for mobile apps, portals, and other channels that are not handled by traditional enterprise CMS.

CFOs will appreciate the savings that Butter offers over any other enterprise CMS.

Enterprise Use-Cases

ButterCMS uses an API connection to stream content from the CMS to any digital channel. Common use cases and reasons why Enterprises use Butter CMS:

Manage Hundreds of Websites

  1. Power multiple domains and websites from one headless CMS instance

  2. Localize content to unlimited locales and languages

  3. Easily add new acquisition’s websites without affecting the front-end

  4. Get faster page loads & more content control for ecommerce sites

  5. Add or improve an existing Blog

Power Other Digital Channels

  1. Power content to mobile and web apps

  2. Power recruiting sites

  3. Power customer or employee portals

  4. Control content to IoT, AR/VR, OTT, CTV or other non-web channels

  5. Manage content sent to in-store point-of-sale systems & digital displays

Improve & Customize

  1. Boost SEO

  2. Reduce content development time

  3. Reduce developer workload

  4. Get unlimited design flexibility & control for higher conversion rates

  5. Connect / Integrate with any other API powered service

Benefits of a Headless Enterprise CMS

A headless enterprise CMS separates the content editing function of a CMS that your staff uses from the “head” or results that your users see. This creates the flexibility to have the benefits listed above which are much harder or impossible for traditional Enterprise CMS to deliver.

Also, a true headless CMS gives you greater flexibility to add other best-of-breed solutions and new technologies as they arise rather than being locked into a monolithic provider that can do everything, but nothing extraordinarily well.

Because a headless Enterprise CMS connects via APIs you don’t have to rely on integrations. Your development team can use the front-end frameworks and programming languages of their choice.

Next Steps

The next step is to have your IT leader or development team connect with ButterCMS. We can give them access to the SDK’s, and free starter projects they can use to quickly build a proof of concept to show to your product or marketing team.

Do you want your product or marketing team to test Butter CMS first? We can set up a live demo to walk your team through the fast, easy-to-use interface.