Advanced Search for Pages, Collapsible Components, Easy Image Editing and New Dashboard!

We're really excited to tell you all about what we've been working on. We have some really great enhancements that we just shipped out in the last month. So, we'll take you through them and provide you with some quick detail below: Advanced Search for Pages It allows you ...

Introducing Component Repeaters

Advanced Image Editing Right Within Butter and New Webhooks

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Drag & Drop Media, Content Releases, PDF Previews and more!

Great enhancements for Marketers that enable drag and drop upload and a Release feature that enables bulk scheduling of content.

New Components Enable Marketers to Create Dynamic Landing Pages

Streamlined Reference UX, React Native + Java + Gridsome, and Free for COVID

Better Content Validation for Content Types and SEO Enhancements

RegEx Validation, Preview Posts, and New Knowledge Base!

Min/Max Text Length, No-Follow Links, and Improved Navigation

Schedule Pages, Export Blog Posts and a New Butter Look!

The headless CMS marketers & developers melt over

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