Introducing Custom Roles and User Permissions

Introducing our Custom Roles and User Permissions feature, providing granular control over content and access, streamlining workflow, and fostering better collaboration.

Introducing ButterCMS’s New Features: Color Picker and Scheduled Unpublishing

New TinyMCE marketing power-ups for ButterCMS

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ButterCMS Marketplace

Things just got too smooth! We’re excited to announce the launch of ButterCMS’s new marketplace of integrations, which allows users to connect their favorite tools and services with Butter.

ButterCMS now supports Cloudinary integration

The Ultimate Headless CMS Buyers Guide & Astro Support!

New Support for Content Migrations & Redesigned Media Library

Team Presence & Schedule Collection Items

Content approval workflows & flexible preview URLs for pages

Visual component previews, Content migrations, and more!

The headless CMS marketers & developers melt over

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