ButterCMS SDKs: A Complete Overview

Why start from scratch when you can use an SDK? In this guide we'll go over the many SDKs ButterCMS has to offer and how to set them up for a seamless development experience.

Write API for Translating Content

3 Great Use Cases for ButterCMS Collections

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Blog Subdomain or Subdirectory? Hint: One is 40% Better

Subdomain vs. subdirectory—what’s the difference? Learn what’s the best for your SEO so that you can get the most out of your content.

How to Setup Your Templates to Maximize SEO and Social Sharing

How to Add Comments to Blog Posts

ButterCMS vs WordPress: Why Choose Butter

ButterCMS vs. WordPress: A Typical Project Journey

ButterCMS vs WordPress: Headless CMS vs Traditional CMS

API-Based CMS vs Traditional CMS

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