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New Edit Page UI, Editable Previews, SEO Enhancements & Improved Write API Docs

Posted by Jake Lumetta on March 8, 2021

We had a busy month in February, and I've got some great product updates and backend enhancements to share with you today! 

New Edit Page UI

The first thing I want to tell you about is we've totally redesigned our Page editing UI. Just a quick refresher, it used to look like this:

It was a bit dated, the colors were not super consistent and there were a lot of little things here and there. 

So we've completely redone it and we have a nice and beautiful editing UI now.


We redesigned it from top to bottom and we really focused on cleaning up the UI as much as possible by removing the clutter, making it visibly scannable. The end goal is making it easy for you to find a piece of content or to find the right field that you're looking for, as well as making it more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

There are lots of little improvements across the board like design consistency, cleaning it up, we show you the status of the page, we show you if there's a draft in progress, and all sorts of goodness baked into the page. We're excited for you to discover more as you dive into the UI!

Editable Preview Panel

Another update we did is we introduced a brand new preview workflow. Previously, when you click the preview button, it would just pop open a new tab with a full-screen preview. It was great because you could see your previews in context right within your actual website. One downside was if you wanted to make edits to the post or page, you would have to toggle between different tabs or windows.

Now with our editable preview panel, you don't have to do that anymore. You can get a live, split-screen view of your content while you're editing it. This is a really nice workflow improvement for your marketing team!

This works across all of our content types so if you click on preview, we pop open a live preview panel that shows you your live page right down below.

Enhanced Blog SEO with <lastmod> Attribute in Sitemap

Another update is we've added a <lastmod> timestamp. If you use our blog engine sitemap API call, which helps generate your blog sitemap for you, it now includes a <lastmod> attribute which is great for SEO. It basically tells search engines when a particular blog post was last modified. This should get some really nice SEO juice for you because now Google will know anytime you make changes to your blog post, how many pieces of content have been refreshed, and they'll crawl them again.

ButterCMS blog sitemap lastmod attribute

Added Standard HTTP Libs to Write API Documentation

And the last update that we've done is more on the developer side. As we covered before, we have Write API capability which allows you to programmatically send content. In technical terms, it enables a whole set of powerful use cases which you can check out in our Knowledge Base. What's great about this update is now we have real code samples in your native programming language, which makes it even easier to take advantage of the Write API. Be sure to check that out!

ButterCMS Write API docs

Lots of exciting updates! Really focused on making Butter the most friendly and easy-to-use CMS for you, with the most powerful API capability as well.

Hope you enjoy the updates! Let us know about your comments and feedback.

Jake Lumetta

Jake is the CEO of ButterCMS. He loves whipping up Butter puns and building tools that make developers' lives better.

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