The Best WordPress Alternative for Gatsby

Meet the Gatsby WordPress alternative that gives you all the features you’re used to, with none of the headaches. Smooth, simple, and tasty content integration - that’s Butter.

Intuitive user interface

Our familiar dashboards melt into your existing workflow with no training required. Build better with ButterCMS.

Upgrade your SEO

With Butter, your marketing team keeps control over on page SEO ranking factors, and your site will load faster than ever.

A truly zero-maintenance solution

With ButterCMS, you can forget about security patches, software updates, plugin conflicts, and performance issues.

A familiar editing experience you’ll love

Butter provides a simple and smooth interface for editing, scheduling, and publishing your content. You get all of the dashboards and fields you’re used to, with none of the clutter.

If you’ve used WordPress or another CMS you’ll be able to pick up Butter instantly, with no additional training required.

See how Butter enables your marketing team to take control of their content across every channel.

Awesome SEO with no plugins required

Butter gives you control over meta tags and on-page SEO ranking factors, without getting a developer involved.

Modern SEO is all about page performance and user experience, and it’s no secret that older CMSs have trouble keeping up. 

Our Gatsby WordPress alternative is built on a modern API. Your content is served over a globally distributed CDN, making your site blazing fast.

Deploy our Gatsby starter in 30 seconds

Or follow the below commands to clone a copy of the repo from github, install dependencies, set your free Butter token, and run your local server.

$ git clone
$ cd gatsbyjs-starter-buttercms
$ npm install
$ echo 'BUTTER_CMS_API_KEY=your_free_api_token_here' >> .env
$ npm run develop

Say “goodbye” to upgrades, conflicts, and security threats

Managing a collection of themes, plugins, and add-ons is tricky, time-consuming, and expensive.

Butter is a truly zero-maintenance solution. After your development team completes the initial configuration, their work is done. There are no versions, no security patches, and no forced upgrades. Never.

Eliminate your reliance on deprecated plugins and templates

Deprecated plugins and templates force you to rebuild content and entire pages that aren't on your roadmap, costing you time and money. With ButterCMS, your designers get full creative control over branding and UX, and your marketing team only rebuilds content when they want to.

Build your marketing stack using only the best of breed tools, alongside ButterCMS as your best of breed CMS.

Real support from real people

Consistent customer happiness is our #1 priority, and it shows in our customer reviews. We work with you from day 1 of your free trial to get you up and running quickly so your marketers can do their jobs efficiently, and your developers can get back to more important tasks.

When was the last time you spoke with a WordPress support team member in real-time?

Industry-Leading Support from Real People

When was the last time you spoke with a WordPress support team member in realtime?

headshot of Shane White

ButterCMS is easy to use, and their customer service is great! The few times I wasn’t able to figure something out, their support guided me through the entire process. Shane White Founder HelloRender

Built to make content marketing easy

ButterCMS is the best WordPress alternative for Gatsby for a simple reason: Gatsby developers can build solutions that marketing teams love. Our API allows your content gurus to quickly spin up high-converting blog posts, dynamic landing pages, SEO pages, product marketing pages, and more, all using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

  • SEO landing pages
  • Localized and personalized content
  • Customer case studies
  • Company news & updates
  • Events & webinar pages
  • And more...

"Support is awesome"

headshot of Mike Tingey

I love having control of my website content without having to use WordPress. The language option makes localization super easy. Their support is awesome. I made a complicated request and it was taken care of within 24 hours. Mike Tingey Founder & CTO Zennoa

Fast integration with any Gatsby app

Our mission was to make it easy to integrate Butter with your existing Gatsby app in minutes. It’s so simple! To demonstrate, here’s a mini tutorial to give you a feel for the process of adding marketing pages to your Gatsby app.

Of course, you can also use our Collections to do advanced content modeling. For a full integration guide, check out our Official Guide for the ButterCMS Gatsby API client.

See how easily you can integrate the ButterCMS Pages API with your Gatsby app.

ButterCMS Saves You Development Time

Most customers get our Gatsby CMS up and running in less than an hour. Try it yourself!

headshot of Zoran Lorkovic

Before ButterCMS, our dev team spent a lot of time in WordPress creating pages, adjusting fields, and pulling data through the APIs. What I really like about ButterCMS is that our marketing team managed to learn ButterCMS really quickly, and now they’re able to create pages and collections on their own. It saves a lot of time and allows our developers to focus on actual development. Zoran Lorkovic Vice President, Engineering Huckletree

How to integrate ButterCMS into your Gatsby application

Just follow the simple steps below to complete the integration and begin creating pages with Butter. Be sure to check out our full guide to creating pages using the ButterCMS Gatsby API.

With your homepage defined, the ButterCMS Pages API will return it in JSON format like this:

"data": {
    "slug": "homepage",
    "fields": {
      "seo_title": "Anvils and Dynamite | Acme Co",
      "headline": "Acme Co provides supplies to your favorite cartoon heroes.",
      "hero_image": "",
      "call_to_action": "Buy Now",
      "customer_logos": [
          "logo_image": ""
          "logo_image": ""

Now lets create the home page src/pages/index.js:

import React from 'react'
import { graphql, Link } from 'gatsby'
import Layout from '../components/layout'
import SEO from '../components/seo'

const IndexPage = ({ data }) => {
  const home = data.home.edges[0].node

  return (
        <img src={home.hero_image} >

      <h1>Our Customers</h1>
        {{ logo_image }) => (

//GraphQl query to fetch homepage data
export const query = graphql`
    home: allButterPage(filter: { slug: { eq: "homepage" } }) {
      edges {
        node {
          customer_logos {

export default IndexPage

Now run gatsby develop in your terminal and open localhost:8000/home to see the home page populated with the content you created on butter.

Configure the source plugin

Here you'll specify the config that will be needed to pull down data from butter. Make sure to add your api_token from your dashboard, in this guide we will add CMS capability to Gatsby for blogging, marketing pages, and more. Below is an example gatsby-config.js file that you'll want to configure for your app. We dive into more detail on the config file in the official guide.

// Example gatsby-config.js file
module.exports = {
      resolve: `gatsby-source-buttercms`,
      options: {
        authToken: ``,
        // Use the optional contentFields array for ButterCMS Collections. Any
        // Collections you want the app to have access to should have their
        // slugs explicitly included in the keys array, as seen below.         
contentFields: { keys: [`faq_items`, `faq_headline`], // Optional. Set to 1 to enable test mode for viewing draft content. test: 0, }, // Optional. Array of page slugs. pages: [`homepage`], // Optional. Array of page types.
        // Use the optional pageTypes array for ButterCMS PageTypes. Any 
        // Page Types you want the app to have access to should have their
      // slugs explicitly included in the pageTypes array, as seen below.
pageTypes: [`customer_case_study`],
        // Specify locales you want the app to have access to, if you have 
        // locales enabled in your account.
locales: [`en`, `fr`] }, }, }

That's it! If you browse to your homepage you'll see your homepage populated with the content you created in Butter.

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