A Golang CMS like no other

Meet the headless Golang CMS that integrates with your app using a straightforward API. Smooth, simple, and tasty content integration — that’s Butter.

Posted on April 17, 2024

Intuitive admin interface

So easy to use. So easy to customize. You’re going to love the content you build better with ButterCMS.

Handy integration with Golang

Our GolangCMS has a simple content API and drop-in Golang SDK that makes the magic happen in minutes, not hours.

A truly zero-maintenance solution

With ButterCMS, you’ll never worry about security upgrades, hosting, or performance again.

Powerful CMS for Golang. Zero headache.

Drop our API-based CMS into your Golang app in minutes. 

ButterCMS provides a component-based CMS and content API for Golang apps. Use ButterCMS to enable dynamic content in your apps for page content, blogs, and anything else. Most customers get our Golang CMS set up in one hour or less. 

That leaves plenty of time for you and your marketing team to do what you do best: create killer apps with killer content. 

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See how Butter’s API enables you to compose flexible page layouts and easily reorder components, without a developer.

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“Best CMS on the market”

headshot of Hampton Catl

After shopping the market, it was clear that ButterCMS was the perfect choice. It allows our developers to build powerful components and makes it easy for our marketing team to drive a better customer experience. Hampton Catlin Creator of Sass and Haml

Deploy our Go Starter in 30 seconds!

Or follow the below commands to clone a copy of the repo from github, install dependencies, set your free Butter token, and run your local server on localhost:1313/.

$ git clone https://github.com/ButterCMS/hugo-starter-buttercms.git
$ cd hugo-starter-buttercms
$ go mod download 
$ echo 'BUTTERCMS_API_TOKEN=your_token' >> .env
$ go run github.com/ButterCMS/hugo-starter-buttercms/prebuild
$ hugo server

Built to make content marketing easy

ButterCMS is the best headless cms for Golang for a simple reason: Golang developers can build solutions that marketing people love. Our API allows your content gurus to quickly spin up high-converting, dynamic landing pages, SEO pages, product marketing pages, and more, all using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

  • SEO landing pages
  • Customer case studies
  • Company news & updates
  • Events + webinar pages
  • Education center
  • Location pages
  • And more...

The simplest Golang CMS you'll find

Our simple setup saves you time and money. Take us for a spin to see for yourself!

headshot of LUKE GARDNER

It's the epitome of plug-and-play simplicity for content creators. It does exactly what I need it to. LUKE GARDNER, CONTENT SPECIALIST, PRINTAVO

Fast integration with any Golang app

Our mission was to make it easy to integrate Butter with your existing Golang app in minutes. It’s so simple! To demonstrate, here’s a mini tutorial to give you a feel for the process of adding marketing pages to your Golang app.

Of course, you can also use our Collections to do advanced content modeling. For a full integration guide, check out our Official Guide for the ButterCMS Golang API client.

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See how easily you can integrate the ButterCMS Pages API with your Golang app.

Seamless Golang components

Empower your marketing team with dynamic landing pages that align perfectly with your Golang components. 

Components are the essential building blocks of any Golang app, and ButterCMS handles them with ease. 

Our drag and drop interface makes it simple to structure your content to match existing Golang components and to create new reusable components whenever you need them.

One Golang CMS with everything you need

There’s a reason so many developers are choosing a headless Golang CMS. It’s easy to set up, offers flexible, customizable content modeling, and gives you access to our full Golang API.

  • Custom page types
  • Custom content modeling
  • CDN for assets
  • Webhooks
  • Testing environment
  • Customer case studies
  • Location pages

ButterCMS saves you development time

Most customers get our Golang CMS up and running in less than an hour. Try it yourself!

headshot of DILLON BURNS

Simple as can be, with powerful features and great customer support. DILLON BURNS, FRONT END DEVELOPER, KEYME

How to integrate ButterCMS into your Golang application

Just follow the simple steps below to complete the integration and begin creating pages with Butter. Be sure to check out our full guide to creating pages using the ButterCMS API.

First you would set up a new Customer Case Study page type in Butter and create a page. With your page defined, the ButterCMS API will return it in JSON format like this:

    "data": {
        "slug": "acme-co",
        "fields": {
            "facebook_open_graph_title": "Acme Co loves ButterCMS",
            "seo_title": "Acme Co Customer Case Study",
            "headline": "Acme Co saved 200% on Anvil costs with ButterCMS",
            "testimonial": "<p>We've been able to make anvils faster than ever before! - <em>Chief Anvil Maker</em></p>\r\n<p><img src=\"https://cdn.buttercms.com/NiA3IIP3Ssurz5eNJ15a\" alt=\"\" caption=\"false\" width=\"249\" height=\"249\" /></p>",
            "customer_logo": "https://cdn.buttercms.com/c8oSTGcwQDC5I58km5WV",

Then test out some API calls in your application code:


// Get pages
params := map[string]string{"foo": "bar"}
ButterCMS.GetPages("news", params)

// Get homepage content

That's it! If you browse to your homepage you'll see your homepage populated with the content you created in Butter.

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Benefits of Going Headless with Golang

Golang is a modern programming language that shares key characteristics with headless CMS solutions. Choose Go for your headless project to achieve exceptional scalability, performance, and dynamism with minimal effort.

Concurrency and performance

Go’s built-in concurrency primitives, like goroutines and channels, make it ideal for building highly responsive and performant web applications. This translates to a fast and smooth user experience for your Go CMS frontend.

Moreover, Golang excels at generating static HTML content, which means you can use it to create lightning-fast static websites that are perfect for SEO and fast initial page loads.  

Developer experience and productivity

Go’s clean syntax, fast compilation times, and vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks contribute to an enjoyable and productive development experience. Developers can leverage readily available libraries and frameworks for common frontend tasks like routing, templating, and API calls. 


Go beyond websites

Much like a headless CMS, Golang isn’t limited to website development. Go compiles into standalone binaries that don’t require a runtime environment, so you can use it to build native mobile apps and desktop applications that seamlessly interact with your Golang headless CMS backend. For example, Fyne is a Go-based framework for building native mobile apps.

Strong security posture

Since Go is a statically typed language, potential errors are caught at compile time instead of runtime. Moreover, Golang’s built-in memory safety controls reduce the risk of vulnerabilities like buffer overflows and null pointer dereferences. Together, these features lead to a more secure codebase and a robust security posture for your Go headless CMS stack. 

The Future of Golang

Golang's future is bright, and its qualities align perfectly with the growing trend of headless and composable technologies. 

Rise of AI and ML libraries in Go

Golang's efficiency and scalability make it well-suited for building performant AI and ML applications. This is leading to the emergence of new open-source Go libraries like Ollama, which allows developers to run large language models (LLMs) locally. Go will likely play a significant role as AI and ML become more integrated into headless CMS functionalities.


Go and WebAssembly – A powerful duo

WebAssembly (WASM) is gaining traction as a way to run code written in different languages directly within web browsers. Go's lightweight and fast nature makes it a perfect candidate for compilation to WASM, which opens doors for building interactive user interfaces for headless CMS applications that deliver near-native performance. 

Expansion of cloud-native development

Golang’s scalability, versatility, and fault tolerance make it a natural fit for cloud-native architectures. As headless CMS deployments increasingly leverage serverless functions and other cloud offerings, Go's ability to work well with these technologies will become even more valuable. 

Go for edge computing

In edge computing, there’s a growing need for memory-efficient languages that can power resource-constrained edge devices and handle real-time data processing. Golang, with its small memory footprint and exceptional performance, is perfectly positioned to dominate this space. When paired with a headless Golang CMS like ButterCMS, it can provide near-instant content delivery and real-time, context-aware personalization on the edge.

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