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D2C Ecommerce Growth during Economic Headwinds

Posted by Jonathan Ames on October 12, 2023

This was a great show for D2Cs looking for ways to grow and gain a competitive advantage in economic headwinds.

Accelerate 23 is only in its second year and yet showcases the growing strength of mid-sized e-commerce companies. These are not enterprise-level brands or e-commerce startups.  Headliners like Michael Phelps brought an emotional and mental aspect to the show while industry standards like Neil Patel brought the data. There were lots of founder success stories bringing the inspiration,  like Paul Tran of Manscaped who grew from a startup D2C to a $300 million dollar powerhouse over six years.

Michael Phelps taught about how intense preparation and visualization were his success secrets. He also shared some of the mental health struggles he and his wife have worked through. Paul Tran, the founder of Manscaped echoed this message by sharing how he learned early on to take the time to get a good night’s sleep to stay sharp. Paul also noted the importance of focusing on the top things that are essential to growth, and that close-cultural alignment was the most important aspect to him when making early hires.

Niel Patel brought a very long list of ways for your D2C business to thrive during bad economic times and as always, nearly every bullet point came with a data percentage to back up why it mattered. An example was during hard economic times to focus product messaging on long-term benefits with the statistical result that your customer’s trust is shown to grow by 30%. This trust is key to raising D2C sales.

How quickly are your content creators able to test these kinds of messaging changes on your product pages? Most D2C content creators tell us that the need to involve developers acts as a major bottleneck keeping them from quickly testing new ways to improve conversion rates. 

ButterCMS was built to solve this problem by making it fast & intuitive for content creators to create multiple variations of content, localize to multiple languages, and even publish to multiple websites, apps & portals, all with minimal developer help. For a midsized team of content creators and developers, this could save you 2,600 hours every year! Think how much more you could get done with that kind of time savings!

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Jonathan Ames

Jonathan leads marketing at ButterCMS. He also hosts our podcast "Cutting edge web content development." He loves cooking up videos and events that help show how to get great results with Butter.

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