Podcast Clips: Who Leads? Code or Creative?

Posted by Jonathan Ames on September 28, 2023

Brian Gerster of White Label IQ came on the Cutting Edge Web Content Development podcast to share some of his insights on the creative process of building out digital content. White Label IQ is a digital agency for agencies, providing development resources to other agencies around the world. He shared insights on the process of developing digital content, and how developers and creatives can work well together, and reach their goals even with project limitations.

Here’s a bit of the transcript from our episode with Brian:

[ timestamp 5:19 seconds ] Brian: ​It's ​not ​a ​website, ​you're ​selling ​an ​experience. ​People ​don't ​make ​purchases rationally. ​People ​are ​not ​rational ​beings. We're ​emotional. ​And ​it's ​through ​the ​stories ​that ​you ​can ​really ​start ​to ​connect with people. ​And ​be ​it ​a website, ​be ​it a ​video, ​be ​it ​the ​content ​itself, ​you're ​just ​telling ​that ​story. ​ ​

The ​key ​thing ​is ​that ​story ​has ​got ​to ​be ​clear. ​People ​have ​to ​understand ​it, ​they ​have ​to ​know ​what ​the ​brand ​is and what ​the ​experience ​is ​about. ​And ​once ​you ​get ​that, ​then your ​people ​can ​contribute ​easily. ​You ​can ​really ​iterate ​and ​riff ​off ​of ​that clarity. ​​As ​I ​said, ​I'm ​a ​designer, ​so ​it ​took ​me ​a ​while ​to ​learn ​this. ​But ​content ​has ​to ​lead. ​It's ​all ​about ​the ​story.

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[ timestamp 10:30 seconds ] Brian: True ​creativity ​comes ​from ​limitations. ​If ​there's ​no ​limitations, ​it's ​just ​free ​form, which ​it's ​great ​too, ​don't ​get ​me ​wrong, but ​limitations ​are ​what ​really ​forces ​you ​to ​be ​creative. ​So ​if ​those ​limitations ​really ​are ​there, you’ve ​got ​to ​up ​your ​game ​a ​little ​bit. ​You've ​got ​to ​really ​kind ​of ​try ​to ​approach ​this ​in ​a ​more ​creative ​way. ​And ​maybe ​​it's ​just ​keeping ​it ​simple, ​but ​I ​truly ​feel ​like ​the ​limitations ​shouldn't ​be ​able ​to ​really ​limit ​you ​too ​much. ​I ​mean, ​I'm ​saying ​that ​in ​​a ​generalized ​way, ​but ​there's ​a ​lot ​of ​ways ​to ​tell ​the ​story. ​That's ​why ​as ​a ​creative, ​you're ​there. ​You're ​there ​to ​be ​able ​to tell ​a ​shorter ​story, ​tell ​something ​with ​more ​impact. ​You ​don't ​have ​to ​go ​into ​a ​grandiose ​chapter ​level ​experience. So ​if ​you ​keep ​it ​simple, ​you're ​probably ​going ​to ​have ​more ​impact.

Listen to the entire episode of the “Cutting Edge Web Content Development” on:

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