DTC Marketing Strategy: Speed Through a D2C E-Commerce Platform

Posted by Jonathan Ames on August 8, 2023

Pattern’s CEO, David Wright noted at Accelerate 22 that even big brands often function with very small e-commerce teams doing the best they can with limited manpower. He said that this forced them to look to tech to scale their efforts.

As I’ve spoken with D2C e-commerce teams, I’ve heard the same. One of the big pain points has been the time necessary to build, optimize, localize, and publish product content in custom-built or legacy content management systems. faced this challenge. Every website change required developer time, slowing the process. However, a switch to a headless CMS allowed the Boxt developers to build out a set of components that their marketers could use to build their own content fast. This increased speed and allowed marketing to reduce bounce rates by 10%. It also reduced the workload on Boxt’s developers as they no longer had to implement content changes to the website that their marketers requested. 

How efficient is your content publishing process, and how is your CMS improving that? An intuitive user experience makes a huge difference in how quickly your team can convert ideas into finished work. The faster your team can produce content, the quicker you can boost D2C e-commerce SEO and test new content variations or markets. This comes from how easy to use and fast it is to use the CMS, not from a set of features. Ease of use is actually one of the most important features that isn’t listed in feature lists. Ease of use generates speed, which brings in results faster on everything your team does.

To give you an idea of the SEO impact an intuitive headless CMS can provide., an online marketplace, tripled their organic traffic with the efficiency boost they got from a headless CMS. boosted their D2C e-commerce revenue by 15% with continuous A/B testing which was possible because they added a headless CMS to their D2C e-commerce platform.

You likely have a talented team, and what they can accomplish can be scaled up if you add an intuitive headless CMS built for speed to their current processes.

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