5 Easy Methods to Implement Dark Mode in React Native

Dark mode is a requirement for modern mobile apps. It provides better UX, and it conserves a significant amount of energy. This article covers 5 easy ways to implement dark mode in React Native.

React, Firebase, and Google Analytics: How To Set Up and Log Events

10 of the Best Web Analytics Tools for React Websites

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6 of the Best Static Site Generators in 2021

In this article, we take a closer look at static site generators (SSGs). We start by discussing their benefits, then we take a look at several of the best SSGs available in 2021.

Front End Technologies in 2020

React Internationalization for Large Scale Apps

React Concurrent Mode - The Future of Web Apps

Building Great User Experience with React Suspense

React-Intl: An API and Component Analysis

React Component Library: Develop a Multilingual App

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